floating between DC/NY/NG/UK

About the Artist

Jessica Udeh is a self-taught visual and sound artist of Igbo ancestry.

Her practice is mixed/multimedia with a focus on collaging and sound-scaping. Primarily, Jessica’s work is a reiteration of thoughts & dreams merging West African & American pop-culture that explore identity, sexuality, politics, and the discourse between the three as they relate to her cultural background.

In addition to paper and digitally sourced images, Jessica makes use of materials like traditional cloth, or beads; as well as found or recorded audio clips and original production for her soundscapes. They’re all unique symbols that represent different elements of her lineage, elements she want to continue to explore and share.

Her work invites viewers into a never-ending exploration of self that highlights parts of Black existence that most of us are not conscious of. Her work serves as a mirror.

Latest Press: